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tv   Check-in - A Journey to the Zugspitze in Winter  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2019 12:30pm-1:00pm CET

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both. our documentary starts in january thirteenth on w. charming painted houses and snow capped mountains i mean the very hour on my way to
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this. day i'm going to check out till it's true germany's highest mountain and gorge all of it in and around one of the country's most popular destinations for winter sports gone wish but the thing i'm most excited about is right behind me the new cable car will take me to the top in no time. we'll also take a walk through wintry would. share some travel impressions from a boat ride on china's young say river. and join a viewer for a tour of hometown san jose in coaster rica. december twenty seventh. the
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new state of the art cabins can hold up to one hundred twenty people it's hoped that this will reduce waiting time in line especially on the weekend. and in just ten minutes we reached the summit at a breathtaking two thousand nine hundred sixty two meters. on clear days you can see all the way to switzerland and even italy it's a panorama that draws more than half a million people here every year. where you've come from russia ok what brings you to that six bits of today emotion fantastic emotion this is my first time in. this is my first. to speak it's so fun to stick on some amazing fabulous view what do you think of the suit
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but this is your first time it is my first time i love it it's the first time i've been in the glacier bowl so this is very exciting but what's your plan for the day here you think we're going to start out to have some bit. do the german thing right i was going to have musically you don't look like you're going skiing i mean we're going sledding we'll take the cable car down and go sledding almost a bargain rob it's a bunch of the fun rules. but a lot of people do come here to ski. and if you haven't got equipment of your own you can rent it right here. this ski resort was established in one thousand nine hundred forty nine five different lifts give you access to twenty kilometers of slopes.
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that's experts is a unique and special place not just three years and travelers up here on germany's highest cement the conditions are perfect for scientists to engage in all sorts of
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research their base is in that building over there this new found a house. a special cable car takes you from the to expects a plateau traditionally found a house it was originally built as a mountain hotel then in one thousand nine hundred nine it became germany's highest research station. even in the most inhospitable weather scientists from many diverse institute study the atmosphere and climate here. now in winter the outdoor measuring gauges have to be cleared of ice. marcus newman heads this environmental measuring station. eleven institutions use this exposed location on germany's highest peak including the german environment agency. no man has brought
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a new measuring instrument for chemical engineers said cleek ok the french scientist is studying air pollution yes or no to us and we can measure impurities that come from very far away from africa or canada. you know somebody did for instance so horrid dust we can measure very high concentrations of . the location is ideal for studying the atmospheres microstructure the latest findings have shown a greater rise in c o two than the long term average. from inside the station in a hundred metre long tunnel where tourists were once cautioned about the thin air leads through the mountain geophysicists hill team looks after equipment that measures melt water. despite global warming the permafrost the ice frozen into the rock is currently fairly stable. and offers a spectacular natural display in
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a side tunnel. after a disastrous avalanche in one nine hundred sixty five an avalanche warning service was a stablished here. specialists like michel you get hot still provide important data . this is the other thing that is quite interesting when you have a packed layer of snow on the loose layer on top of it and then another packed lair it's called a wind slab and it can slide down over a loose let me look at a sheet of the apostle up like. the top layer slips down almost without resistance the risk of avalanches great results are passed on to headquarters in munich which issues a daily report bozo's the moon is going to move on it that's a typical wind slap don't need to put this in loco to see if you're.
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outside there are more measuring stations depth of snow precipitation wind and temperatures are measured and recorded here. on blustery cold days hardly anyone is out on the slopes of the except the scientists. may scare them for the third of it perhaps part of it being here not just when the sun shining but whatever the weather improvement of the sure that's really noisy i like being up here every day surrounded by all this not lying on the beach with movie did do a lot on linked. in fact on the mountain everything's a bit more extreme including the weather conditions.
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after visiting the summit of that sixpence i recommend you make your way to lake i say situated at the foot of germany's highest mountain it's still nearly a thousand meters above sea level. at this time of year you'll find plenty of peace and tranquility on the shores of the frozen lake. alexander from home built the most dangerous world views of the world views of those who have never viewed the world. follow us on facebook d w dot travel.
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i'm now at the patna a mountain river fed by the melt water from the sushi that over the centuries the river eroded the rocks and left behind and deep gorge. i'm meeting little of that he's been can study and of the potluck gorge for eighteen years. believe it can you tell us a little about what you do. didn't bother to avoid that we have a fairly standard routine every day before we open the gorge my stuff conduct a thorough safety inspection then make sure all of the pathways and railings are intact sometimes they have to remove trash or debris. if there's a problem of any kind they phone me and i have to decide whether it can be solved quickly and easily or whether we have to close the gorge at short notice on both
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light equipped with the mighty companies are now fighting that after all these years you probably know the gorge better than anyone and garnish patent creation or even the whole world what's so fascinating about the partner. and is this for new the gorge has a different ambulance in every season and even different times of the day if you're here at seven in the morning it's not a toll like two thirty or three in the afternoon. and some of the sun shines and the birds are singing or as i think the light is reflected in a little wolf and when i'm here at seven am all alone it's just wonderful to me that we didn't. like the fact that it's always different as a. human on this but when you do you like it better until you honestly when it's just below flood level and start getting it after it's been raining hard in the park now is full to brimming with nature takes over. then
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you're really in wild pristine nature that's when i like it best. before it was open to tourism the pot now was used to transport timber which wasn't without its perils. if that now were at your favorite spot why is it so special to you that coupled with the theme of the not the you could see the madonna it was she was put there in the nineteenth century before the gorge was opened to the tourism as a memorial to the lawyers who lost their lives in accidents but with the void me here i always say it's the place where you can be a little closer to god on top you can move. on beyond we've also officially illuminated the stature of the gentle art. solar panels were installed on the upper edge of the gorge so she is always based in an environmentally friendly light to
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catch visitors attention but not day and night night in no use with her gym areas only lit from eight am to six pm so that at night all wildlife are bats and balls and on native water birds have some peace and quiet. and. even though do you try as much as possible to leave nature to its own devices but you've said up to four thousand tourists come here every day how does that work doesn't that cause some conflict that conflict what would you have to put into there's always a potential for conflict there are always reckless people who stray from the power switch is strictly forbidden in some of there's a minor problem with trash sometimes we have to go through even when it's open to the public and clean up what people have left behind all natural scenery commands
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a fair amount of respect so joining the day only a certain number of people can come through in order not to disturb it than it would be to do with an offer i didn't get to so future generations can enjoy to do with this and that other so this is a that's very important to us we also have lots of visitors with children and children visitors of tomorrow. the else offer amazing natural experiences especially in the winter but as it gets one cannot forget that animals need their peace during the cold season because they're in their hibernating or they're having trouble finding food in the snow and need to conserve their strength. eighty radia come here every day doing to to wait for col hill. he makes sure they have food when they need it but he's not the only human being in the winter forest
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all sorts of tracks crisscross the area for instance from snowshoe was. staying on the road is no fun people want to snowshoe through deep powder so they go all over the place. but they're irresponsible and even go to the areas where the wildlife a fit some even ignore the signs and special beriah take. on them phone but there's some claim the alzheimer's association is game protection area only refers to cross country skiers and snowshoers and not because people can be really dreadful. in winter there's very little food for the animals apart from the young tree branches that's why herman feeds the dia every day and makes sure they are left in peace. every disturbance cos they manage and eat up the fat reserves they've built up over the summer if the animals are constantly stressed by all the disruption it can lead to that death. when it begins to snow the dia
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come here to be fit every winter they used to call home and they have run away from strange is. this means that the animals take flight and scatter in the forest ultimately once they're scared off they don't come back for a long time but they still have to find food and. it's not just the dia but also the natural surroundings that suffer from troublemakers invading areas where they don't like the lol. just so you can get a snow shoe trunks again there are other animals like grass and rabbit actually all of wildlife are affected. so alison the countryside it's crucial to keep to pods and trails especially in winter.
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the city of garmisch kishan was once two separate communities the towns were joined in one thousand nine hundred thirty six but both still retain very individual identities pot and him is the older of the two situated along a trade route from venice to alps book it was founded by the romans over two thousand years ago. so it's historic facades that is its central showpiece. founded about eight hundred years later garmisch isn't as old and grand more like a quirky little sister with lots of pedestrian zones shops and restaurants. just. as loyal to a new year's you may know that every now and then we like to visit people from all over the globe to have them show us the most beautiful places in their home country this time our trip takes us to central america giovanna wanted to show us around san jose the capital of costa rica.
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one of the as whitest ts i'm giovanna in san jose the capital of kusturica is that it today. i am going to show you around my city again but will also take a trip to the green countryside to see what makes costa rica famous around the world that meant if i wasn't going. to sell in the us and this is the main shopping street and one of the busiest places in town to that. i. guess that was then this is the market oh suntrust san jose his biggest market here you'll find fruit. me at handicrafts and souvenirs everything you can imagine i thought because they're supplying my game.
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with family and we have a lot in store so i'll fortify myself first with my favorite ice cream vanilla and cinnamon and. as i was saying about it we were in the park and some trial in the heart of the city and just the opposite is the cathedral of san jose oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh. oh oh yeah it's the film but after that brief introduction to the capitol but i'd like to show you costa rica's greenside and let's go see some flora and fauna yes but with that a companion. you have scarcely left san jose and it's lush and green instead of being.
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in the ne us and now we're in the la paz waterfall gardens out fifty kilometers north of san jose. i think and there are more than one hundred animal species here other flies humming birds parrots it could hardly be more colorful now do you. and one of the most colorful the two count. yes ok and here is the la paz waterfall a highlight of our short tour of europe it's one hundred percent costa rica i hope you enjoyed yourself and if you'll stop by again when you're prone to put out you know them with. the people of garmisch part and
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know their own minds a couple of years ago they voted against submitting a bit to host the winter olympics and they also stood up to construction plans for a five star hotel instead innovative apartments and a small hotel were built in keeping with the principles of sustainability and environmental conservation. rock concrete walls and untreated would dominate the interior and ensure clean air . there are no t.v.'s in the room and if you really must use the internet you have to activate it with a switch. so let me know you enter the hotel you can see that it's really unique what's the concept behind it is this is the hotel is basically a reflection of what we believe in. all the architecture the materials used in
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all the environmentally friendly do they pollute the air in the building well both and how come battle come. together as a whole so that you walk in and feel that this could be your home with this conflict out of this kind of good that's the whole this is one. time now for your view and your impressions this week female teachers recordings but i'm not getting enough from nuremberg he took a cruise on the young sea china's longest river and his journey included visits to the three gorges dam and she bowed sigh a temple on a hill in the middle of the river.
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now. show me. that. all. down the road.
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are the. and what better way to end an enjoyable visit to god. there are loads of taverns that serve delicious german cuisine i decided to go for
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a classic. with the pretty traditional folk dancing on the side. ready. for a major break a trip to the mountain paradise of down this path and terry known to be and mazing idea up on that so expensive i got to take a breather with the incredibly fresh and well at least a bit thin air and even down here in the valley there are plenty of ways to recharge your batteries the perfect getaway.
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the be. able to.
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place. this is news coming to you live from turkey sentences another journalist to prison reporter paling is given a jail sentence for more than a year for reporting on the former prime minister and his alleged links to offshore companies in malta also coming up the british parliament begins a key debate ahead of a vote on the government's right to deal.


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